Real Estate As An Investment

Most of us don’t have the resources- or the guts- to own stocks in really large quantities. That’s what makes your home such a great “risk capital”. It’s not the stock market, and you shouldn’t look at buying a home as a way to get rich, but if the economy picks up, real estate values will eventually follow. Building equity in your home is like linking your investment portfolio to the growth of the economy- without the sleepless nights.
Plus, it’s like forced saving for you and your family. Maybe you could rent a condo for $1800 per month instead of buying one for $2200 per month payment, but would you really “save” that $400 a month for the future? The part of your mortgage payment that goes toward principle is like paying yourself back in equity- instead of burning that money on rent.
And the interest you’re paying on your loan, along with your property taxes, is tax deductible and probably enough to allow you to itemize tons of other deductions from your income as well. For many people, just these tax breaks alone make owning cost less than renting.
Usually, you can buy a much better home than you can rent, and with high inventories and low interest rates, now is the time to contact a Realtor and start saving for the future, today.

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