Still waiting to jump off the fence and into homeownership? There are many aspects of today’s market that should make your decision easier. First of all, mortgage rates are still very low, which means you begin building equity even more quickly (by paying less interest), and you can tolerate the ups and downs of the market while values recover.

You’ll still find many assistance programs helping to encourage middle-class families to become homeowners. Get the ball rolling with a discussion with your agent to find out exactly what loan programs are available, and then combine them with the current low interest rates for the greatest benefit.

When you make an offer and apply for financing, you’ll also find that appraisal rules have come more into line with the reality of the market. Appraisers have more flexibility now in determining the value of a home based on comparable properties. This is an important facet of successfully securing realistic financing for your purchase.

And your choices now couldn’t be better, as distressed properties are beginning to clear out of the system, and finer and better-maintained homes are entering the listings. You’ll find that homeowners were investing more in maintenance and improvements while the market was down, which will increase your choice of attractive properties now. Start your search today, while all these factors are in your favor.

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