Shop Local $1,000 Closing Gift

Over $1,000 in Gifts and Merchandise

As a Thank You to our clients, and in an effort to keep local dollars in our community. We at
The Muljat Group North Real Estate in Lynden have put together with the local merchants a bag of gifts and merchandise totaling over $1,000 to give to all Real Estate buyers that close a transaction through our office.
This bag contains a variety of items ranging from bed sheets, gardening supplies, paint, golf, fitness, car service, ice cream, glass cleaner, sporting goods, cosmetics, coffee cards, as well as many gift certificates to area restaurants, clothing stores, driving school, lumber yards, flower shops, nurseries, bakeries, furniture stores, implement dealers the list goes on. To date we have 33 local merchants that are inviting you as new members to our community or as a current member of our community just making a move, into their business by giving you a gift. That list is continuing to grow.
This is our way at The Muljat Group North in Lynden to say Thank You to the many clients that have made us successful and to the merchants that have made our community a great place to live.

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