Size Matters


You know what? Size does matter! You want buyers to soak up every square foot of your home, visualizing how their belongings will fit in. Follow these recommendations to maximize the space they perceive, particularly if you are selling a smaller home.

Furniture makes the most direct impact on the living space, so scale down the size of your furnishings, or even better, remove a few larger pieces and rearrange what remains. Large furnishings can make a room feel cramped, so open it up.
Avoid busy fabric patterns, which can also make a room “feel” smaller. Use texture in fabrics to add interest, and if necessary, buy slipcovers for patterned chairs or sofas that you love or can’t remove.

After furniture, the next biggest impact is your walls. Since dark colors absorb light and make even large rooms look smaller, invest in some light paint (think creams, light blues or greens, soft yellows) to open your room’s space.

Another great “trick” is to simply hang some mirrors. Mirrors do double duty in expanding the space. Seeing a reflection of the room gives the impression of more space in “another” room, while mirrors also reflect light, and a brighter room feels like a bigger room.

These are simple suggestions to implement, and a real estate professional will have even more advice for creating an appealing interior.

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