While experts may debate the value of holding an open house, your home may be a good candidate for this marketing tool. If your agent offers to show off your home on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, apply some elbow grease and take advantage of the opportunity!

Obviously, get things tidy inside and out. Give all of your countertops a spacious feel by hiding your toiletries under the sink in the bathroom, and by stashing your kitchen appliances in the cabinets. Clean and clear make a great impression.

[%readmore%]Also, remove photographs, appointment cards, school artwork, etc. from the refrigerator and other areas of the house. Yes, it’s your home, but you want buyers to picture it as their home, so don’t intrude on the fantasy!

You can encourage buyers to linger by simply putting out refreshments, like fresh baked cookies (the aroma can be a powerful intoxicant!), and a pitcher of iced tea or mini bottled water- anything to make them pause and take a closer look around.

The one thing that shouldn’t be in the home during an open house is ….you. No offense meant, but buyers are there to see the home, not the owner, and they may feel uncomfortable asking probing questions if you are within earshot. Make your visitors feel at ease, and trust your agent to take care of the rest.

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