Before you begin what should be the fun process of buying a home, consider a couple finer points to help save you money, both upfront and down the road. One issue relates to your credit score and its impact on your financing, and other relates to the condition of your home and the cost of repairs.

First, know your credit score in advance of house hunting, and take immediate steps to improve it if it’s less than good. During your loan application is not the time to find any surprises.

[%readmore%]Correct any errors on your credit report, pay down some revolving debt, and don’t make any other major purchases (like a car) until your loan paperwork is complete and you’ve closed on your home. This is important because barrowers with lower scores pay higher fees and interest rates, which can total tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Once you’re in the position of having made an offer to purchase, do not skimp on inspections. No matter how strapped for cash you think you are, the cost of the inspections is a drop in the bucket compared to what unexpected plumbing, electrical and structural repairs will cost you in the future. Your agent will go over a list of available inspections and suggest the most appropriate ones of your property.

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