Fall checklist:
Roof: Remove moss from roof. Check condition of flashing and repair any loose or damaged shingles. clean gutters and remove even the smallest amount of debris can clog downspouts. Make sure trees and branches are trimmed 6 feet away from the roof and power lines.
Exterior: Trim all vegetation 12 inches away from siding. Store firewood 10 feet away from the house to prevent pests. Keep all gaps and joints in siding caulked and sealed to prevent water damage.
Crawl space: Insulate plumbing lines. Make sure to measure and purchase foundation vent plugs and use them only in freezing weather.
Fireplace: Have chimneys and flues professionally cleaned before use. Soot build-up can lead to flue fires which often cause home fires.
Furnace: Gas furnaces should be serviced annually. Clean or replace filters. Vacuum heat registers to remove dust.
Interior: Check weather stripping around windows and doors. Replace smoke alarm batteries. Install carbon monoxide detectors.
Making these small and simple changes to your home for the cold months will help prevent major and costly repairs in the future! Checklist brought to you in part by Pillar to Post Home Inspectors.

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