Tips on House Flipping

According to Diana Olick from, today’s competitive
market can be intimidating for people looking to flip their homes. With the
prices of homes rising and the listings remaining low, investors may reconsider
entering the market; however, with the knowledge and hard work, flippers can
reap the returns they desire.

Olick offers five tips to put you in the best position to
profit from flipping your house.

Tip 1: Create yourself a financial plan with the risk you
are willing to take.

Tip 2: Become familiar with the current market trends
occurring in your neighborhood.

Tip 3: Know who your buyer is and make renovations based on
their necessities and interests.

Tip 4: Ensure that your buyer is educated on every detail
about your home from security instructions to a visual of your new roof.

Tip 5: Come up with a price for your home keeping your buyer
and comparable listings in mind.

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