Spring Decorating Ideas

Happy Spring! Now is the perfect time to revamp your home décor, especially for all you new homeowners looking to personalize the new space you live in. A new article from Realtor.com has offered some EASY & INEXPENSIVE spring decorating ideas to help you welcome the new season into your home!

  1. Add a bright accent wall: Since you may not want it year round, use some peel-and-stick wallpaper that will be quick and easy to put on and remove when you’re ready.
  2. Decorate w/ nature itself: Collect old birds nests around your home and put them on display under a glass cloche or filled w/ fruit, flowers, or colored eggs!
  3. Put out fresh flowers: This is a must if you’re going for the rejuvenated, fresh vibe. Great options include calla lilies, irises, tulips, and pansies.
  4. Change up furniture accessories & lamp shades: Put those dark, lifeless shades, throw pillows and accent blankets into storage, and bring out some lighter, fun colors! Yellows, soft pinks, and orange go best with warm-toned houses and light blues, greens, and silvers are great for cool tones.
    image courtesy of Realtor.com
  5. Put on lightweight bedding: With warmer temperatures and sunnier days, you might want to consider changing out your flannel sheets and heavy blankets for lighter bedding options. Try out lighter pastels for the accent pillows and throw blankets.
  6. Decorate w/ fragrant herbs and fruits: Displays of fresh green plants throughout your house is always a great idea for spring! Go for small pots of herbs such as basil, thyme, and mint in your kitchen area to add fresh smells. You could also put bright fruits like apples, limes, lemons, or pears out on the counters or dining table.
  7. Get new bathroom linens: Livening up the bathroom is another easy and inexpensive spring upgrade. A bright, patterned shower curtain with matching hand towels will give your space that extra pop, and soft scented candles will take you even further!
  8. Give the entrance some love: Consider painting the front door a fun accent color, get a new doormat, or even get outdoor planters. A fresh entryway tells people spring has sprung at your house!

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