Outdoor Features That Buyers Love

As spring turns to summer, homeowners begin to dream about beautiful backyard retreats, barbecues, and outdoor entertaining. Functioning – and fun! – outdoor spaces are also being sought out by home buyers near and far. What are they looking for? Here are four of the top outdoor amenities that make buyers take notice:

  • Decks and patios—When planning your patio or deck, making sure the flow between the home and the yard is important to keep it from becoming an unused space. But a well-planned patio or deck can add value to your home as it becomes usable square footage (from a value point of view). Buyers will be looking for opportunities to kick their feet up or lounge in the sun, so make sure whatever space you have set aside for outdoor living beckons with defined space (by adding flagstone or a rug), plush outdoor furniture, and potted plants. And don’t forget outdoor lighting! From guiding people down garden paths to illuminating trees and landscaping features as well as your home itself, outdoor lighting is crucial.
  • Outdoor kitchen—Outdoor kitchens can be fancy or simple but making sure that the design works is critical. Remember, food needs to travel from the kitchen where it is often stored or prepared, so stairs need to be considered as well as distance. Be sure to review your cooktop options such as a built-in grill or barbecue as well as the staging area for foods about to be cooked and then served.
  • Landscaping—According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 47% of REALTORS have suggested landscaping adjustments when selling a home. Why? Buyers need that “wow” factor when they pull up to the curb. What’s great is that landscaping doesn’t have to cost a lot; shrubs, flowers and mulch can go a long way. According to Quote.com, the average cost of a landscape upgrade (hardscape such as a path or planters) was $4,750 but it provided $5,000 worth of value to a home.
  • Fire pit—According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, outdoor fire pits or fireplaces were the top design element/trend in 2016. A fire pit area can consist of a few chairs and a portable fire pit or it can be completely built-in. You may even want to consider the fuel source – are you okay with throwing on your own logs or would you prefer a gas option that you just need to turn on?

Show value to today’s home buyer by adding a few features that allow them to understand your home’s outdoor living potential and you won’t be disappointed with the result. Potential adds value! If you have some outdoor living projects that you are considering this spring and summer and would like to know how these will impact your home’s value or you need some help determining which projects to take on, I would be happy to help. Call or text me, or send me an email!

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