GOOD NEWS! Promising Solution to Housing Affordability Crisis

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The recent housing affordability crisis in Washington is continuing to impact buyers, sellers, and renters in the local area. The demand for housing has not let up, but prices are out of reach and inventory levels are low. We are noticing families at all income levels struggling to find affordable home ownership opportunities, which impacts both the housing and rental markets.

Washington Realtors® have listened and are working with our state and local officials to solve the growing affordability crisis in local communities. The Unlock the Door in Washington coalition is a campaign focused on building more homes of all size and kind. We need more choices for people including a variety of new construction, apartment complexes, and condominiums. Affordability and increased inventory is the focus of the coalition, and our Realtors® are pressing the envelop to get government officials on board with addressing the issue.

You can learn more and even share how the housing inventory crisis has impacted YOU at Unlock the Door in Washington.

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