One of the Most Overlooked Ways to Increase Property Value!

We see many sellers get so wrapped up in making sure the interior of the home is clean and updated that they forget all about the exterior. The first thing a potential buyer sees is the outside of a home, and if curb appeal is lacking; the chances of them wanting to go take a look inside drops drastically!

Curb appeal is the visual attractiveness from the street or sidewalk and can help attract buyers inside, boost property value, and improve neighborhood demand. This concept should be important to all homeowners, not just those looking to sell.

Some simple and effective ways to give your property that WOW factor are:

  • Mow and water the lawn, weed and mulch the flower beds, and sweep the sidewalk and driveways.
  • Clean windows and glass panels, replace exterior light bulbs, and remove dust and cobwebs from outdoor fixtures.
  • Repair anything dull or chipped like the trim, front door, or posts.
  • Power wash the deck or siding of the house for a fresh look

Putting in the extra work can seem like a hassle now, but the value and improved look these tasks can bring to your property will make the efforts all worth it!

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