Whatcom County Snapshot

With summer just weeks away, this is what the current market conditions are looking like in Whatcom County. Although we’re seeing sales prices continue to rise from April’s average of $444,650, the pace is much slower than what we saw throughout 2018. In the second quarter last year, home prices were climbing 6.8% and they are now rising at just under 5% rate.

This is good news for BOTH sellers and buyers, because sellers are still seeing increased value in their properties, but the slowed price growth makes home more accessible to buyers creating a balanced market!

With the housing market balancing, there are signs of a strong economy overall as April unemployment fell to 3.6%, its lowest levels in 50 years! Job and wage growth mixed with high consumer confidence makes for strong housing market activity.

If you’ve been hovering on fence, now is the time to jump. We have the expertise to make sure you enter the market prepared and with the right expectations; let’s talk!

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