How to Refresh Your Outdoor Space with Spray Paint

Now that spring is in full force and we’re seeing more and more beautiful days, I’ve been working on refreshing my outdoor space. It’s important to me that it’s comfortable and inviting and after months of wind, snow, rain, etc. my outdoor furniture and decor can always use a little TLC. 


We have had this outdoor patio table and chairs for years. It is metal but after spending so much time in the weather it’s not only dirty and has rust spots but the color isn’t looking as fresh as it did years ago either. 

​A great, inexpensive way to refresh patio furniture is with spray paint. Spray paint is quick, easy, inexpensive and gets into all of the small grooves and edges. Sure you could go buy a new patio set but that would cost you hundreds of dollars (or more!) where a can of spray paint can be found for $5-6. You may need 2 cans or more depending on your furniture size and number of pieces. This is the brand I used (below). I found it at a local paint store which offered a large variety of colors. I thought about really changing it up and doing a different color but ultimately decided to stick with black so that it continues to flow well with the rest of our patio furniture. This is a paint plus primer and works on plastic, wood, metal and more while also being great for both indoor and outdoor use (a must for my patio transformation)! I prefer the look of flat black for our patio furniture but they also offered glossy if that is more your style!


Since I was in need of some new patio decor and already had the spray paint, I decided to visit my local dollar store as well to look for any buckets or bowls that I could use to decorate. Typically I only find bright colors there which doesn’t fit with my current decor vibe but I easily transformed the plastic red pieces I found by spraying them with the flat black spray paint as well. I also grabbed a couple bags of crushed rock to put in the bottom of the plastic containers as they are lightweight and can easily blow away if they are not weighed down. I then added shells, succulents, etc to the pots.


Now, when it comes to spray painting the furniture and decor there a few basic practices that will help you have a smooth experience but it’s something even a first time painter can complete well and with ease.

Spray Painting Tips & Tricks

•Clean your items prior to spraying. Wipe off any dust, bugs, etc and sand (if needed).
•Avoid painting in the direct sun. This can cause bumps. Aim for a dry and moderately warm environment. This may include thinking ahead as it can take a while for paint to dry. I usually spray outdoors on the grass and put plastic down first but if the weather is an issue consider spraying in carport or garage with the garage doors open. Be sure to first move/cover your car and any other objects you don’t want to get any paint on. In my experience, the cans don’t overspray much but you can never be too cautious.
​•Spray thin layers. This will help prevent cracking and will allow you to create a more uniform look overall.
•Avoid spraying vertically to avoid drips. Lay items down and spray down onto the side that faces up, allow time for that to dry completely, then turn it over (repeat as necessary). Consider changing whatever you have laid down under the project, such as a drop sheet, so that you are not setting the finished side onto potentially wet paint on the sheet. Often the drips on the drop sheet are thicker than the layer of paint you sprayed on your piece so even though your piece is dry, they will not be.
​•Shake your can well prior to spraying to ensure an even color.


While I was at it I decided to switch out our patio chair pads with a neutral, plush option that fits our current style better. We love them! Small changes like that can really make such a big difference in the overall look and feel of your space.

I hope you found these little tips and tricks helpful when it comes to refreshing your patio furniture and decor with spray paint. Have you ever used spray paint for a project? I’d love to hear your experiences and advice!

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