10 Ways to Upgrade Your Home on a Budget

Transforming your house into a home can be so fun and rewarding, but it can also become incredibly expensive! Adding character and charm, color or unique pieces can quickly blow your budget. If you are looking to customize or update your space but have limited funds to do so, here are a few ideas of changes you can make that will beautifully change your space on a budget. More details and tutorials can be found for each of these by searching Pinterest or YouTube!


1. Frame Your TV

This is easy to do and is a quick way to change the look of any room. Purchase a frame large enough to go around your TV or build your own to instantly dress up the space.

2. Widen Your Baseboards

Wide baseboards make a statement but tearing out all of your old baseboards and purchasing new to replace it can be very costly and time consuming. Instead add a thin piece of molding an inch above your baseboards, fill in with caulk, and paint it all one color to give a cohesive look. 

3. Paint Your Front Door

If you are looking to add a pop of color to your home this is the perfect space to do so without feeling like it’s too much. Black is also a popular front door color at the moment and don’t forget about your options to stain too (if the door is wood)!

4. Add/Update Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash is something you can do yourself and save thousands of dollars on. If you currently have backsplash and have to tear it out prior to installing new then there will of course be more labor and costs involved but either way there are many affordable options to replace/add to your space. We have purchased affordable backsplash for multiple homes and have always been happy with it. An even more affordable option is the trending peel and stick backsplash that is easier to install.


5. Replace Light Fixtures

Many homes come with outdated light fixtures or something generic. Through time spent walking through local stores and/or searching online you are bound to find something you love that can change the entire look and feel of your space. I highly recommend doing this in your entry way, kitchen, living space or other areas that guests and yourself frequent the most. Lighting can get expensive but try waiting for a sale or finding something similar to a more expensive piece that gives off the same overall look you love.

6. Add Floating Shelves

These are many DIY styles for floating shelves that are easy and inexpensive. I found this particular triangular style on Amazon for a very affordable price and the black metal mixed with the brown/gray wood matches the black fixtures while adding in a cozy comfort to our white powder bathroom.


7. Replace Cabinet Hardware

There are so many colors and styles of cabinet hardware that this small change can go a long way! If you want to take the easiest route be sure to choose the same size pull/knob style so that you don’t have to drill any new holes or patch existing holes. 


8. Replace Door Handles

Another easy change just like the cabinet pulls is changing out door handles. As long as you stick with the same size it’s a project that will take little time and equipment while delivering nice results.

9. Upgrade Bathroom Mirrors

Just like framing your TV, you can frame your bathroom mirror by finding a pre-made frame that fits the dimensions or by building one yourself. You can also remove and fully replace your mirrors with a framed option, easily found online or in local home decor stores.

10. Install an Electric Fireplace

This entails a bit more cost than some of our other options but still a great way to upgrade your space without the large cost of adding in a traditional fireplace. Electric inserts can be found on Amazon, come in various sizes and colors, and give a similar look as a traditional gas fireplace while still giving off heat too.

Have you done any budget friendly home upgrades? Comment your experiences; I’d love to hear!

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Post compiled by Haley Parker // haleyparkerstyle.com@haleyparkerstyle

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