Tips to Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall

Whether you’re team summer sunshine or team pumpkin spice, one thing is for certain: fall has arrived. The cooler air, earlier sunsets and the busyness of back to school oftentimes have us spending more time indoors at home making it even more important to be comfortable and prepared in your space. There are so many things to think of I thought it would be handy to compile a list of items to check at your home to ensure you are ready for the changing of the seasons! Check Home for Outdoor Maintenance and Repairs Before winter weather arrives, it’s time to check on any areas that may need maintenance or repairs done. Remove dead limbs off of trees and leaves from gutters, fix broken fences and damaged walkways. If you have a trampoline, consider tying it down if heavy winds could be an issue this season.  Prepare for Weather Hazards Check that you have everything you need for the colder weather such as a snow shovel and driveway salt. Make sure you know where your flashlights are (check/change the batteries) and if you have a generator be sure to test it, have gas/propane on hand for it, etc. Picture Replace Your Air Filter(s) It is recommended to change the air filter in your home every 60-90 days and I know how easy it is to forget and let it go longer, especially during the craziness of summer fun. A good rule of thumb is to at least change it seasonally. This is even more important to do frequently if you have pets and/or suffer from allergies. Set reminders in your phone or get yourself on a schedule to change seasonally at the least.  Consider switching out your bedding. Typically fall is the beginning of the cooler season. You may want to consider switching to a thicker sheet, possibly flannel, adding an additional blanket to your bed, or swapping for a thicker comforter set during the cooler months. I personally tend to use the same sheets and comforter but add/switch the blankets I layer over the comforter to a thicker, warmer one in fall colors. In addition to adding in the rich fall colors like burgundy, mustard and orange, adding texture like a chunky knit blanket or faux fur are popular for fall and winter months. Picture Swap throw pillows. This goes for bedroom pillows, living room, outdoor and more! Regardless of the weather where you are located, it’s time to tuck away the items that scream summer and embrace the beauty of fall! Picture Add fall decor to your tables. This can be anything from faux (or real!) pumpkins to displays of candy corn. A little can go a long way. I love placing neutral colored seasonal decor throughout my home tying into each season. Traditionally autumn colors in general are warm and deep; as are Thanksgiving colors but lately neutrals have been increasingly popular as well. If you enjoy decorating for Halloween the most common colors for that are of course orange and black as well as white, purple and bright green. Picture Picture Decorate your front door for fall. Now is the time to take down your summer wreath and replace it with something for fall. Wreaths full of leaves in various fall colors or faux pumpkin wreaths are a lovely choice as are eucalyptus wreaths if you prefer something green. Trending fall front porch decorations include corn stalks, pumpkins and gourds, a fall inspired sign and even fall themed door mats have been a common decor option the last few years. Picture Switch out scented candles. I personally love a good fall scented candle. Spiced pumpkin, warm apple pie, apple cinnamon, farm fresh peach, salted caramel…all fabulous scent choices! Picture Go Through Clothes Depending on where you live, it may be time to pack away the shorts and sundresses (or at least move them away from the front of your closet) and replace them with warmer, thicker clothes. Taking the time to reorganize the closets in your home can go a long way. I’ve noticed in my household at least that it makes our mornings in particular much more relaxed and easier when we can quickly find the pieces we wear frequently this season.

While going through closets, it’s a great time to make sure everyone has what they need for the season. This is especially important if you have kids; we all know they grow so fast and there is a good chance that last year’s fall pieces may not fit this year! Try on rain boots, warm boots, snow boots, rain jackets and coats and make sure you know where items like beanies, gloves and scarves are located. What do you do to prepare for a new season and the changing weather that goes with it? Let us know in the comments if there’s anything we should add!

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