How to Update Your Master Closet on a Budget

We recently bought a new home and after personally designing our previous two closets and seeing how life changing efficient shelving can be, I decided my first home project here would be to reconfigure the closet. We didn’t take out or add any walls, new flooring or anything crazy, just simply painted the walls and installed new shelving. When I say it’s made a world of a difference for us, it really has!


If you have ever looked into a closet system you know how incredibly expensive they can get. Having a closet company come to your home and professionally design the space for you can be in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. We were not looking to spend much but wanted to better utilize our space and make it aesthetically more appealing too. Our closet has a wall in the middle spanning across about 80% of the width, separating the “his” and the “hers” side; you’ll see the “hers” side in these transformation photos.


When we first moved in the closet had wire shelving in place and the closet paint color was inconsistent as shown above. I decided to paint all of the walls white to have a consistent slate to start with before installing new shelving.

I also took a moment to change out the closet light switch plate. The rest of the covers throughout our home had already been changed to white but this one must have been forgotten and I wanted a consistent look throughout the house. Plus a white light switch cover looked much better with the white painted walls!

I purchased two of these shoe organizers as well as this closet tower kit. I like how the tower kit includes adjustable shelving; I use these shelves to keep my jewelry, purses and sunglasses organized. 

We have been very happy with the transformation and the install was simple. A drill and tape measure (plus a step stool!) was all I needed. All of the hardware needed to secure the tower to the wall is included in the kit. I think the closet looks much nicer after the changes and it definitely keep clothing, shoes and accessories much more organized. The cost for the shelving and shoe organizers came to about $200 and the paint was another $20. I would love to eventually add a large white shelf above the top of the rods, spanning the entire width of the closet, for additional storage space.


What do you think? Could your closet use an update? Have you tried something similar that has worked well for you? I’d love to hear about it!

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Post compiled by Haley Parker // @haleyparkerstyle

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