Spring Cleaning Tasks You Won’t Want to Skip

It’s that time of year again! Birds are chirping, sun is shining (at least sometimes!) and we are getting eager to organize, declutter and refresh. Spring cleaning can be daunting but when you break it down into smaller tasks and go at it one at a time it’s far more manageable. Whether you are looking to list your house soon to sell or just looking to start fresh, the rewards of spending some time now to spring clean and declutter can make a big difference in your daily life going forward. Many tasks can be easily missed with routine weekly cleaning and organizing so we’ve created a round up of spring cleaning tasks to check off this year. Picture Picture Interior Tasks
•change decor
​•clean baseboards
•wipe down furniture
•vacuum under and between couch cushions
​•clean out refrigerator
•clean out freezer
•dust ceiling fans
•dust skylights
​•dust vents
​•clean out pantry and organize
​•vacuum curtains
•replace air filters
•toss old and expired makeup
​•toss old and expired pantry items
•toss expired medicine
​•clean out nightstands
•replace burnt out lightbulbs
​•touch up any scuffs on the walls
​•fix anything that’s broken  Picture Picture Exterior Tasks
•wipe patio furniture
•wash patio furniture cushions
•wipe window panes
•wipe down decor (outdoor lanterns, candles, tables, etc)
•repair any damaged fencing, deck/patio, etc
•replenish bark
​•pull weeds
•pull and replace dead flowers, bushes, etc
​•replace burnt out lightbulbs
•pressure wash or spray off driveway, sidewalks, patio(s)
•fix anything that’s broken Picture Items to Declutter
•winter clothing and shoes that did not get worn/too small
•kid’s bikes, scooters, roller blades, etc that they’ve outgrown
•old towels
•excess kitchenware **Bonus Task** Clean out your car! Get rid of any garbage, duplicates and unnecessary items. If you keep diapers, change or clothes or toys in the car for your kids make sure they are the current size/age appropriate items and swap if necessary. Vacuum and wipe down the interior for exceptional results that will keep your smiling every time your hop in! Picture Picture



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