10 Things to Consider Investing in Once You Purchase Your First Home

Purchasing your first home is a wild mix of emotions. It’s exciting, fun, and a little scary. Once you are finally pending on your new place it seems like getting to the closing date takes forever. After that day finally comes and the chaos of moving and unpacking commence you may realize that you are missing a few homeowner essentials and begin wondering what else you may come across needing throughout the course of the year. Whether your home is quaint or enormous, small yard or acres of land, new or old, there are a handful of commonly used items within a home that are handy, if not incredibly necessary, to add to your home as time and budget allows. I do find it to be immediately necessary to obtain a vacuum as well as a lawnmower (unless you do not have grass or have hired out yard maintenance, so kept them off of the top 10 considerations as they are a must. Picture 1. Tool Kit
A basic tool kit can help you out in a wide variety of situations. I recommend it at least include a hammer, nails, tape measure, screwdriver and wrench.
2. First Aid Kit
A first aid kit filled with supplies and tools to handle minor injuries is a must around the house. Having the supplies packed conveniently in a kit saves you time and money, plus you have the option to take it on the go if needed.
3. Fire Extinguisher 
Being able to quickly put out or suppress a small fire before it grows or the fire department is able to arrive, can save lives and property. It’s a good idea to keep one on every floor of your home.
4. Plunger
Though rarely used, it’s something you don’t want to be caught without!
5. Flashlight
It’s so important to have a good flashlight readily available. Handy in times of power outages, when you need to check on an outdoor issue at night, when going into a crawl space or attic, etc.
6. Extension Cord
The ability to power your devices, both indoor and outdoor, from farther away and/or multiple devices at a time is so convenient. Extension cords come in various lengths and colors as well if you are looking to match your flooring for indoor use.
7. Ladder/Step Stool
Will you be replacing lightbulbs or changing out fans/light fixtures? Getting a ball off of the roof? Trimming your trees? Painting? Putting up Christmas lights? A ladder or step stool serves multiple purposes around the home.
8. Hose
A necessity for yard and plant up keep, car washing, and driveway cleanup.
9. Shovel
An essential when moving dirt, gravel, snow, or bark. It can also be used to edge your yard, dig trenches, dig holes for fence posts, lifting sod and more.
10. Tarp
This can be used for a wide variety of reasons. To cover a grill or a car, lay down prior to painting, spread out across a vehicle bed or interior prior to loading rocks, plants or bark, to cover and protect plants during a cold front, etc.

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Additional items that can be incredibly useful around the home but are typically used less frequently include a wheelbarrow, rake, leaf blower, string trimmer, edger, drill, saw, and shop vacuum.

Any additional items you’d recommend?? Share in the comments!



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