What Are You Asking Potential Real Estate Agents to Represent You in the Sale of Your Home?

Question for you! What questions are you asking real estate agents you are considering representing you as a seller?

Selling your home is one of the most important and usually stressful decisions you’ll ever make in your life and it’s important that you choose an agent that checks the boxes that are valuable to you. Here are some potential questions to ask:

“How long have you been a real estate agent?” Though not always the case, a good track record and level of experience usually makes someone a better representative in the selling process.

“Are you full time?” This is a must as you want someone working on your behalf full-time.

“How long have you lived in the area?” This type of knowledge is invaluable when pricing, marketing, and even bringing potential buyers.

“What marketing systems will you use?” Consider everything from the quality of photography to their print marketing campaign, how they let the neighbors know, and online marketing.

We would be happy to share our answers to these questions for you. Put us to the test!

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