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The Key to Adding Value to Your Home AND Happiness in Your Life!

Image courtesy of nasosprom.com
Image courtesy of nasosprom.com

Whether you’re looking to sell or just wanting more out of your home, outdoor remodeling is the way to go! According to the National Association of Realtors, outdoor remodeling projects can not only add value to a home, but can also lead to happier and more satisfied homeowners.

When a house goes on the market, the first thing potential buyers notice is the outside of the home, which is why spending time on exterior improvements is so important. “Looking at the outdoor projects that produce the largest financial windfalls at resale, Realtors ranked seeding lawn the highest, recovering 417 percent of the project cost at resale. Seed lawn is followed by implementing a standard lawn care program (303 percent of cost recovered) and updating landscaping with sod lawn care program (303 percent of cost recovered) and updating landscaping with sod lawn (143 percent recovered) as the most cost-effective projects.”

Planning on staying awhile? For those more interested in finding that perfect addition, there are outdoor projects that make homeowners have a greater desire to spend time at home. Not surprisingly, Realtors found that completing a pool project brought the majority of homeowners a major sense of accomplishment and increased sense of enjoyment at home. Other exciting projects include an overall landscaping upgrade or adding new features such as a patio or exterior fireplace.

Check out the full article @ http://www.realtor.org/news-releases/2016/09/outdoor-remodeling-projects-see-high-happiness-and-financial-returns-say-realtors for more statistics and advice on outdoor remodeling projects!