Want to increase your chances of a quicker sale at a higher
price? When it comes to real estate
transactions, you need representation! A
recent survey of 1,000 homeowners reports that of 83% who use a real estate
agent to sell their home, 60% were successful.

Compare that to the 17% who were unrepresented and only
successful 39% of the time. Even more
telling is the revelation that 83% of those who bought a home worked through a
brokerage. Simply put, For Sale By Owner
properties are less likely to attract buyers who work with agents.

Obviously, agents work with other agents, who already have a
long list of suitable properties to match the needs of particular buyers. If you are trying to compete on your own
against that kind of inventory, you’ll soon understand why you yourself would
want representation.

Your level of satisfaction is greater, too, when you have a
professional on your side. Of those
homeowners who enjoyed a sale through the efforts of a real estate agent,
nearly 90% said they would use a professional’s services again.

And those who tried to sell their homes “By Owner”? A quarter of them ended up contacting an
agent for help in the end. Don’t’ waste
time and money when you can make your first step the right step-use a

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