2018 in Review

Happy New Year!! Now that the craziness of the holiday season has officially died down, it’s a great idea to reflect on the past year, take note of positives to take with you into the new year and also identify any changes you might make this time around. 2018 was a successful year for our team and we want to use our strengths to help YOU achieve your real estate goals this year!

Throughout 2018, we saw distinct forces at work in the local housing market in terms of supply, demand, and affordability. Supply levels were at historic lows due to lack of existing homes being resold along with continued lack of new construction and foreclosures going on the market. On the other hand, demand was high, so properties were moving quickly and the market was very competitive. As we entered into the third and fourth quarter of 2018, demand started to shift as buyers could no longer keep up with the high prices and affordability became a noticeable issue.

Going into 2019, the economy is humming along with unemployment at almost historic lows, GDP is up, consumer confidence is up, and the Millennial generation are ready to buy and can afford to do so. We are expecting buyers to try and capitalize on interest rates that are foreseen to slightly rise throughout the year.

If one of your goals for 2019 is to get active in the real estate market, we have the experience and expertise to best prepare you to succeed. In the last year, we helped over 30 clients sell their properties at an average of 98% of their list price and took on average only 37 days to do so! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about our custom listing packages and why our team dynamic gives us an edge in servicing our clients.

Wishing everyone a year filled with growth and happiness!

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