Blankers Estates on the Ridge FAQ

Below is a list of common questions that we have been receiving lately in regards to the Blankers Estates on the Ridge lots. We hope that these answers give the community a better understanding into the details of the development. Please reach out with any further questions or interest!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are the lots in the flood plain?

Below is a map of the plat showing the 100-year flood plain line. The area in blue is the only area located in the 100-year flood plain. Of the 27 lots still available, only 4 have any area that is located in the 100-year flood plain. The area in the flood plain, which is below the 50’ elevation, can be used for setbacks and for lawn area sports courts or any other function of a back yard, but no permanent structure can be built in the flood zone. The lots that are affected have all been mitigated so they all have at least a 10,000’ area that is out of the floodplain.

2. Are the lots ready to build?

Apart from the 4 lots that we did flood mitigation on, the lots are all fully serviced and ready to start construction. The 4 available lots that we mitigated the flood plain on are waiting for the new LOMR from FEMA which is the new elevation certificate. We are currently 30 days into the 60-day period that it takes to get the new LOMR.

3. What is meant by the additional dwelling unit?

What makes this development unique is that it is in the RM2 Zone, which allows for building multiple units on the lot. Covenants and restrictions allow the main house to consist of a minimum 2,500’ of living space but also allows for an additional dwelling unit to be placed on the lot with a maximum of 1100’ of living space or a shop with a maximum of 1100’ of living space in the shop. The additional dwelling unit can be used as a secondary residence or can be rented out for additional income.

4. Do the lots need any additional fill?

The soils are all sand once you get through the topsoil which is great structural fill. The 4 lots that we filled as part of the flood mitigation have been filled with sand and gravel and have all been compacted and tested the building standards.                

Contact Jerry Blankers with further inquiries: 360-410-1297

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