How to Prep Your Home for the New Year

Now that we are quickly approaching the end of 2021, I thought it would be a good time to go over ways to prep your home for the new year. With all the extra love and fun that the holidays bring, they also tend to bring additional clutter. More clothes, more toys, more snack foods and platters taking over the countertops, more decor (and afterwards trying to decide where and how to store it all)! I personally find myself more anxious and unable to focus when my home is disorganized. By taking a few steps to declutter and revamp your space now, you will save yourself a lot of time and headache come January.

1. Declutter Your Workspace

This is a great time of year to declutter your workspace (at home and/or your work office). Even if your work takes place outside of the home it’s the perfect time to take a few moments to file important mail, tax documents, and other papers away into their appropriate places and get rid of any excess, unnecessary items.


2. Reassess How Spaces are Being Used

Take a few moments to reassess your home. Are you using your spaces in the best, most appropriate way? Maybe a spare room that never sees guests should become an office and your “office” should stop taking over the kitchen table. Or maybe your kids have gotten older and the “toy room” can be put to more age appropriate use. By reallocating spaces to better suit yourself and your family’s needs you can eliminate a lot of clutter and stress, ensuring you walk into the new year feeling refreshed.

3. Clean Out Closets & Dressers

A big end of the year project for me that always makes a huge difference in our lives is cleaning out our closets and dressers. If you’ve gone a whole calendar year without wearing something, 99% of the time it is time to let it go. I do keep a few sentimental or special occasion items that don’t get worn often but that is minimal. Some items I have chosen to hold onto include my wedding dress, my daughter’s dance recital costumes and a few sentimental baby items. Oftentimes many of my children’s spring/summer pieces don’t fit them anymore by the time year end arrives and with it being out of season anyway there is no need to hang on to them to assess the following year. The sooner they can be consigned or donated, the better.


4. Get Rid of Extra/Unused Kitchenware

This is one that I’m guilty of. Even with our big purge before our cross country move, I am finding that I hung on to too much. I have too many pots and pans, too many Tupperware containers, too many serving platters, etc. I am currently working through and determining my favorite pieces as well as the ones that are used the most often and will be donating the rest. The same will be happening with our extra cups, spatulas, silverware, etc as well as small kitchen appliances that don’t get used enough.

If you have children you may also want to consider going through your stash of bottles, sippy cups, divider plates and more to eliminate those from your cupboards if they are no longer needed.


5. Toss Anything Expired

Go through your pantry, refrigerator, makeup drawer, personal hygiene products, etc. and toss anything that is expired. There is no need to allow these items to be taking up extra space, causing more clutter, when chances are you will not use them (and should not). Expired personal products and makeup can be just as unsafe as consumables.


Is there anything you do on a regular (monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.) basis to keep your home in order?


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