Home Design and Decore Trends for 2022

Does diving into 2022 have you wondering what the new trends in home decor and design will be? Today I’ll touch on ten trends for 2022.

​I always love hearing what the new trending styles are but also encourage you to not take it too seriously. I believe you should decorate and design your home how best fits your family and based on the colors and styles that you enjoy. However, learning about the on trend styles can give you great ideas that you do love too, just never thought of, which can be really fun. Typically the on trend styles are easy to shop for and find, even at the more affordable big name stores. Geometric Shapes & Patterns Squares, triangles, hexagons and more fun geometric shapes are booming in popularity. Some examples of places this is popping up is in tables, chairs, vases, and other tabletop decor. Picture Natural Materials Incorporating natural materials adds warmth and coziness to a space. Think rattan, cotton and jute. This can be in the form of baskets, lanterns, clocks and larger furniture pieces like tables and chairs. My egg chair pictured here is one of my favorite items in our home, it is cozy and unique, plus it adds personality to our space. Picture Picture Lighter Floors Dark wood floors are on their way out and lighter woods such as white oak and French oak are trending for 2022. Wide-planks are the most common and desired this year. Picture Minimalism Society as a whole is starting to part with unnecessary possessions and take greater thought into deciding what we put in our homes. The desire to have a well thought out, relaxing home free of clutter is the goal going into 2022. Incorporating Green Green is calming and soothing, associated with nature and growth. Olive and emerald tones are especially popular right now. Green can be incorporated as large furniture pieces such as a sofa, live or faux plants, candles, and even green cabinetry is skyrocketing in popularity. Black Accents When it comes to trim, cabinet hardware, faucets, doors and light fixtures, black is the trending choice. It is also becoming a popular cabinet color, especially for a bathroom or a kitchen island. Picture Painted Interior Doors I mentioned above how black is a trending color when it comes to hardware, fixtures and accents including doors, but painted interior doors in general have shot up in popularity. Now many homes feature light walls with dark interior doors that make a statement, adding depth and character. Comfortable Furniture Pieces As we continue to spend more time at home, possibly more than ever before, quality, durable, comfortable pieces have become more desired. Say Bye to Stainless! The desire for stainless steel appliances is fading. White, black, and integrated appliances are coming back. Stainless will always be around as it is a commercial staple but higher value homes are looking to really wow guests and homeowners with the seamless look of integrated appliances or the high end features of more unique appliances. Picture Picture Outdoor Relaxation Spaces With more people staying home more and many even working from home, outdoor relaxation spaces are on the rise. Even with a small backyard, patio or balcony you can create a beautiful, relaxing outdoor oasis. Having that special place to retreat to and refresh is strongly desired, especially with many having to cancel or postpone vacation plans this year. How to you feel about these 2022 trends? Have or will you incorporated any of them into your home?



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